Thursday, February 5, 2015

Using what we have...

I worked Tuesday night and made it home Wednesday morning and slept for a couple of hours. I have a community service activity I am committed to on Wednesday nights at the local rescue mission. I went there and I am blessed that I enjoy my time there.

I thawed out thin pork chops for Wednesday's dinner. I used the last bit of breadcrumbs I had to make a coating on them. I warmed up all the left overs in the fridge (buttered corn, pork stuffing, carrots, left over hibachi veggies and rice from my; birthday dinner) and offered a buffet style pick what you want to eat for dinner.

It worked. We got rid of the lurking left overs and finished off some breadcrumbs.

I have some things that need to be used up:

a couple of bananas
a couple of apples
butterscotch morsels (I don't know who bought them, maybe my DH????)
a very thick candy cane
Dollar store chocolate from Christmas

I have a running grocery list and working to use what we have available.