Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Dinner

My daughter made cinnamon pancakes for dinner last night. Tonight I had enough bread ends in the freezer to make french toast for the five of us. We had three slices each, used 6 eggs, and a good amount of fluid milk.

I paid 249 dollars last week for my DH to get his two cavities filled. I have to pay 279 tomorrow for my cracked molar for a crown (the rest will be due in three weeks). My DD went to the dentist for her xrays and cleanings. She has one cavity. My son has an appointment the first week of November for his cavity to be filled. My middle DD has NO cavities.

I took my car in to get an oil change and found today that I need brake pads on my car. They quoted me 210 dollars total. I have to make the appointment in November. I was told that my car will not pass inspection for January with out new brake pads.

I worked one shift of overtime last week and I have an additional night of overtime this week to help with the expenses.

I was able to put 1,000 dollars in my savings account this month for October. It brings the total up to 2600!! I'm hoping to leave the cash in my savings. I don't want to use it.

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