Thursday, October 2, 2014


We had left overs last night. The choices were frozen quesidillas, one chicken thigh, many left over veggies, some fruit, salad, and/or bowl of cereal and milk.

The quesadillas are gone. One kid had cereal and milk. One kid had the chicken thigh and no veggies. They ate some sandwiches.

I didn't want to cook.

My kids have been to their mental health providers. We were charged the co payments, got new prescriptions, and my DD had to take a "personality test". I paid them in full and they are now caught up.

My DH went to the dentist this morning. He has 6 cavities. They took xrays, did some cleaning, and gave us a written treatment plan. There was no charge for today's' visit, since my insurance covered all the costs. He will have two cavities filled later this month. I'm waiting on an estimate of charges.

My kids and I go to the dentist on Monday. There's usually no charges for the cleanings. I believe we all had xrays on our last visit 6 months ago. I'm praying that there are no cavities that need to be filled.

Tonight's dinner in the crock pot:

our last five chicken thighs
five carrots
one onion
a handful of celery
garlic powder
poultry seasoning
a bouillon cube
a small amount of water

I am going to make another medium size salad, serve some other left over veggies (California blend).

Back to work tonight.

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