Friday, May 3, 2013

May Obligations...

Well, I found something nice out this week. May has three pay checks!!!!!! I paid 3/4 of my obligations for May. I put 200 into my living expenses account at the bank for a total of 600.00. I have a full emergency fund of 1000.00 in the account at the bank.

Emergency Funding 1000.00
3-6 months living expenses 600.00

Checking the mail yesterday, we recieved our car taxes for June. The two of them will be paid by the end of May. My daughter has her prom to attend. My husband has a birthday to celebrate.

June brings my daughter's graduation, and summer vacation for the kids.

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  1. My husband got new tires on his vehicle today. I bought his new brakes...paid cash and not from the emergency or expenses fund.