Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What we have finished for May Updated 5/15

5/5 box of pancake mix
5/6 container of dried strawberries, four eggs , sliced american cheese, slice of provolone, two slices of white bread, two packages of hot chocolate, two oranges, 8 hot dogs, 6 small potatoes, one half onion, one clove garlic, tomato, one slice provolone cheese, two kiwi.
5/7 turkey Italian sausage one pound, one pound of pasta shells, two cans of spag sauce, one onion, clove of garlic.
5/8 bread ends, 6 eggs, one cup of milk, some pancake syrup

Forgot to post for a few days, went all of the frugal train.
5/15 a small piece of beef (1.4 pound), four potatoes, two cloves of garlic, two tomatoes, onion soup mix, bag of mixed veggies

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