Friday, May 18, 2012

Updates for May 2012 Pantry and Grocery Challenge

We had a 129.00 left for the month of May. I got paid yesterday, and went shopping this morning.

At CVS, I bought 3 cases of Coke, 3.00 each, two gain dish soap 1.00 each, and VO5 shampoo for 0.89 each. I had a coupon for the dish soap (1.00 off 2), and picked up two of my husband's prescriptions. Total was $14.00....

Stopped over at Martin's, they had a special, buy two jars of classico spaghetti sauce, get a free pound of pasta (1.00). I had a coupon for 1.00 off two jars of sauce. The sauce was originally 2.29 each. Total was $3.59....

Went to Walmart for an add match, three bags of chips for 2.95 each but one was free (According to Walmart, this is not a price match, didn't find out until after I paid for them). Then I had an ad match for Aleve 3.45 and used a Food Lion manufacturer coupon for 1.00 of the Aleve. Spent a total of $11.00, would not encourage any shopping at Walmart in the future. I will not shop here any more.

Then I went to the bread store, bought an 18 count English muffin for 2.50, three 6 packs of bagels $1.00 each, and a package of hot dog buns (12 count) for $7.21

Aldi: bought cheese crackers, "ritz" crackers, 4 lb sugar, two gallons of milk, three 16 oz cheese blocks, two peppers, one cucumber, corn on cob, 12 pk eggs, one loaf of white bread, dandruff shampoo, 3 32 oz cans of pinto beans, three 12 oz cans of kidney beans, quart of strawberries, 3 lb bananas, 3 lb apples, seasoned breadcrumbs, a box of pancake mix....spent a total of $42.00 here.

Total spent today 78.00 and some odd change....

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