Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pantry offerings at end of May 2012

Since May is almost over, inventory is as listed:

2 boxes cereal (opened)
1 32 oz old fashioned oats (opened, half full)
2 10 pk of instant oatmeal (opened)
olive oi
veggie oil
box of pancake mix (half full)
two 18 oz pancake syrup
half bag of popcorn kernels
5 lb sugar
one box pasta roni
one box of potatoes
one container 32 oz bread crumbs
one box of panko crumbs
one package of taco seasoning
1/2 pound of egg noodles
one box of tea
one box of green tea
brown rice
brown sugar
10 packages of koolaide
one box of hot chocolate (opened)
one container of ketchup
32 oz can of green beans
1 BBQ sauce 18 oz
one box raisins
i 18 oz peanut butter (opened)
1 container of baking powder
5 lb flour (opened, half full)
1 can of cherry pie filling
one sloppy joe mix
one can kidney beans
one can of tomatoes diced

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