Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My own pantry challenge

Well, I'm on vacation from work for three weeks. It started Sunday and doesn't end until December 18th. I am cleaning up the kitchen and found a few things lurking in the freezer that need to be used.

I figured this is a great time while I am off to cut down some expenses. My husband took my daughter to the dentist to get some cavities filled. We are talking big bucks. $$$$$$$. I'm waiting on the sticker shock and phone call.

I am making turkey meatballs, using some lurking bread crumbs, half a jar of "pizza" sauce, lurking motzerella cheese, and some needing to get rid of onion. I also have stuff in the bread machine for "Italian bread", going to make a small salad, and an "apple crisp" with the last four apples that have been sitting on the counter.

I can do all this without having to get to the grocery store. We could probably have meals all month without needing to get groceries, with the exception of milk.


  1. I would need bananas, too. Mozzarella cheese makes anything delicious.

  2. Yes it does. We are all out of fresh fruit at this point.