Saturday, December 5, 2015

Pantry challenge contines

I have two polish sausage links in the fridge thawing. We are going to saute this with sliced onion and use the steamer to make brown rice with black beans (the rice and beans were bought in bulk). We are going to have fresh salad to go with our meal this evening.

The two visits at the dentist this week cost greater than 500 dollars in co payments. I made the payments in cash and have the rest of the kids work done in January. Our budget has taken a big hit due to the dentist, but the bills have been paid in will continue to be paid in full.


  1. I have been doing the same it. With only my dh and me there are alot small containers of food to use up. Cheryl

  2. Knowing that you are able to cover all of your bills is a huge stress reliever!

    I enjoy reading how you use bits and pieces to create new meals. I'm on my own pantry challenge as well, but my biggest challenge is learning to shop and cook for 3 rather than 6, and soon enough just 2 - my youngest is going away to college in August. I have over half the pork loin from last night leftover because I forgot to cut it in smaller portions before freezing. I may dice part of it to make pork fried rice.