Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pet Supplies

Since we have two cats, and one dog, we need to keep up on the pet supplies and vet appointments.
our animals go to the vet twice a year, and receive all their well check ups, and vaccinations. For food and nutrition for the month of April, we have 1/4 bag (20lb bag) of dry dog food (kibbles and bits), along with a small bag (1 lb) of chicken and veggie weight maintenance food that we are trying. She gets fed twice a day, 3/4 cup each snacks or treats in between.

The cats have (20 lb bag) of dry food (meow mix), and then we are supplementing with nine lives wet food (1/3 can each, twice a day). The oldest is starting to lose weight and has been to the vet twice since January for weight check ups. He is due back in June for a weight check up.

One younger cat is healthy, and no medical needs at the moment, except for ongoing love and demanding affection.

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