Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grocery Updates May 2012

So, I went to this new store called food maxx, and found some incredible produce prices, if you can get over the smell of seafood that overwhelms the store.

I went today to CVS, bought two bottles of dawn dish soap (0.99 each), one jug laundry detergent (CVS brand 1.99), three gum packs (0.99 each), one package of jelly beans(0.12), and a bottle of water. Total spent a little over 3.73... (I had a two dollar CVS coupon, a 1.50 coupon for the gum, and a 1.00 coupon for the dish soap).

Martin's spent a total of 6.18, one two bags of tostidos chips and a free salsa...(BOGO for the chips, with free salsa, and a dollar off two bags of chips).
Food Lion spent 13.08 in two pieces of marked down beef (3.50 each), bottle of aleve (4.99), marked down sugar (1.97).
Walmart spent 12.55 for dry cat food, one four pack of yogurt (1.00 coupon), a bottle of coke zero (free coupon), 8 batteries (4.00), and a bird's eye dinner (had a 2.00 off coupon).

Total for May so far goal will be 300.00 dollars.

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