Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What's been happening...

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging. I worked 60 hours last week, started my first week of my Master's program online, and have been sleeping. Since school started, I've been busy with homework and studying.

My kids are doing well. We went out last week to Clearbrook Park for a Winter Wonderland Festival of Lights. How much fun it was. It was five dollars a person admission. We had a blast!!

Dinners, well my DH and kids have been cooking. We had beef strips, rice and red beans one night. My DH bought the beef strips. We had white rice and boneless chicken strips stir fried another night (my DH cooked). We had pasta and sauce another night, and homemade pizza one night.

I got home from work yesterday morning and went Christmas shopping for the kids. They are finished with the exception of stocking stuffers. I'm seriously considering giving my DH a gift card to the book store and some cash.

I paid in cash for my first class. It's an awesome feeling. I need to save for my next class that begins in February.

Dinner last night was a pan of beef stew (using beef strips, potatoes, carrots, bouillon, onion, and garlic. There was not much left over.

Tonight we are having a small pork roast I found on mark down at Food Lion. I put it in the crock pot with a jar of German sour kraut. We will have some mac and cheese (boxed) and herb stuffing from Aldi. I will also steam some veggies form the freezer.


  1. I always love reading your dinners! I am beginning to learn, I may need to begin shopping at Aldis! I'm such an early bird, that by the time I've done my shopping, our Aldis' is not yet open. Sounds like you've had a busy December

    1. I love Aldi! Our store in ?Winchester opens at 9 AM. December has been very busy, I'm hoping that life slows down some in January.