Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's December!!

I cant' believe that it's all ready December. Time goes fast when you are living, working lots of overtime, and spending time with my favorite people, my DH and kids.

I worked all weekend and slept until 4 yesterday. We ended up making scrambled eggs and toasted bagels for dinner last night. My DD had a doctor appointment to get to at 5 last night.

I started my first class at Walden University towards my master's degree yesterday.

We were talking last night about life. We've decided that after mid January, I would cut back again on the overtime. I'm exhausted from working so much. My DH and I have started bickering back and forth. I don't want this to start again on a regular basis. I am scheduled for four 12 hour nights a week until mid January. I can't get out of the overtime now, since I am all ready committed to it and the schedule has been updated.


I have a medium size fatty piece of pork that went into the crock pot this morning. I bought pork when Aldi had HUGE roast for 1.99 lb. I sliced one whole onion, three cloves of garlic, and the last bit of Sweet Baby Ray BBQ sauce, combined with the bottom of one bottle of tomato based "sweet salad dressing". I am going to let this cook all day until later this afternoon. We have some mashed sweet potatoes to finish from Thanksgiving. We will have some steamed green beans or broccoli with this meal.

I am working tonight (one shift) and this will equal 24 hours so far this week. I have five shifts (60 hours) total this week to get through.


  1. Good luck with your overtime! I hope it does not interfere greatly with your holiday season.

    1. I have five days of vacation starting on December 21st!

  2. When I was an RN, I had a hard time with 12 hour shifts. EVen in my 40's..that's just too long a day and when you get home you're too tired to eat or speak.. and have to get up in a few hours and do it all over agaiN! I loved 8 hour shifts! At one point a hospital where I worked had MANDATORY overtime..doing 4 12 hour shifts a week caused me to start having migraine headaches again and exhaustion.I quit. I ended up working PRN at another hospital so I could make my own schedule.. but nowadays there are not so many jobs available.luckily I am retired now..I just hope you're able to get done with working 60 hours a week.. your health and emotional energy are more important than anything!

    1. I agree about the health and emotional energy. I'm very tired and I just finished 60 hours on Saturday. I have 48 this week, 36 next week, and then I have five days off. I'm going to Rhode Island to spend the holidays with my mom, and our in laws. It should be fun.