Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Using things up...

We had one chicken quarter in the fridge from a few days ago. I baked it with several spices, added the last three carrots, half an onion, and some celery from the fridge. My husband and I had that for dinner last night.

I had some frozen cheese tortellini to give the kids last night with some pasta sauce for their dinner.

Tonight's dinner is continuing on the same use it up theme. I have frozen bread ends in the freezer. I'm going to thaw them out and made french toast for the kids dinner. I have some frozen left over bean soup from Easter that is thawing for my husband and myself. We are working to keep our budget intact and using up what has been lurking around in the freezer.

I don't eat pasta, bread, potatoes, or rice any more. My husband and kids do.

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